Search over 0.3 million pages of Battle Creek's historic newspapers from 1846-2016. Over fourteen years in the making, this project will preserve the archival record of our community's heritage for local historians, genealogists and scholars worldwide.

To open and turn the pages of an old newspaper is to enter another dimension, a lost world. As of October 2011, Willard Library offers a full text, searchable online collection of Battle Creek-area newspapers dating from 1846-1936.

Chronicling Battle Creek is a service available to all library cardholders. For well over a century, the library has been in the unique position of preserving and disseminating information about the city in paper form, just as local newspapers have chronicled the daily life of our community during those same years.

Over fourteen years in the making, this project will not only benefit the community, but will preserve the archival record of our community's heritage for local historians, genealogists and scholars worldwide.

Time was continuing to take its toll on the microfilm of the many priceless pieces of Battle Creek's past. Battle Creek is a community rich in history that has impacted not only local citizens, but the course of the national health reform movement and the processed food industry which, in turn, has deeply influenced the overall social, medical, and intellectual history of the nation.

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