Battle Creek Yearbooks

This collection includes the digitized yearbooks for the five public high schools in Battle Creek based on the holdings of Willard Library, local high schools and high school alumni associations. Yearbooks are only accessible with a current Willard Library card, and because of privacy concerns we do not include the last ten years.

The collection currently includes:

  • Battle Creek Central High School: 1894-2016
  • Harper Creek High School: 1956-2011
  • Lakeview High School: 1925-2011
  • Pennfield High School: 1970-2010
  • Springfield High School: 1956-1990
  • St. Philip High School: 1942-2011
The yearbook digitization project was undertaken to preserve the yearbooks due to extensive damage. These are now accessible online to current library cardholders both on-site and off-site. Access to non-library card holders is available on-site only, just as it has always been. If you need individual pages of a yearbook (up to 5), click here. Please provide us with name of the individual and the specific yearbook to search since we cannot search across books. We will also need your contact information (name, phone number, e-mail, address). We will create a PDF file including the individual page(s) and e-mail it to you. For a variety of reasons, we cannot provide remote access to non-library card holders.
To access the digitized yearbooks, log in here:

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